Sea forwarding

We offer sea forwarding services such:

  •  transport of containers
  •  transport of general cargo
  •  transport of bulk cargo
  •  „door – door” deliveries
  •  FCL (full container load)
  •  LCL (less than container load)
  •  multimodal transport

Land forwarding

We offer land forwarding services such as:

  •  transport of full truck cargo
  •  transport of part cargo
  •  transport of frozen cargo
  •  transport of bulk cargo
  •  transport of containers
  •  transport of ADR goods
  •  transport of oversized/overweighted cargo
  •  rail transport

Seaport forwarding

We offer seaport forwarding services such as :

  •  cargo handling (ship, container or truck deliveries)
  •  storage (including customs warehouses)
  •  cargopackaging
  •  transport of cargo on/inside terminal/port
  •  quantity or quality control
  •  organizing of veterinary inspection
  •  organizing of fitosanitary inspection
  •  organizing of agricultural and food quality inspection
  •  cargo in import or in export notification
  •  handling with contianers in computer operating systems used by polish container terminals (Szczecin, Gdynia, Gdańsk)

Air forwarding

We offer air forwarding services such as”:

  •  air transport
  •  „door – door” deliveries

Customs Agency

Basing on our constant cooperation with customs agencies in Szczecin and in Gdynia we offer services such as:

  •  organizing customs clearance of import, export and transit deliveries
  •  Customs services in polish ports
  •  T-1 openining and closing
  •  arrandment and issue of customs documents
  •  cargo`s customs value defining

Project Cargo

We offer organizing of ocean, and port`s backside transport (like truck, rail, barge nad pontoon transport) of heavy and oversized cargo.
We also offer handling of that cargo on job site (place of final destination).


We offer advisory regarding:

  •  choosing of proper transport route
  •  stowage and lashing of cargo in ship` holds or in containers
  •  cargo palletaizing
  •  sea worthy packing
  •  choosing of proper transport packages
  •  transport of overweighted and oversized goods
  •  estimation and documentation of goods damages
  •  customs clearance and customs procedures
  •  transport documentation


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